feeling good.

I’m feeling unsettled at the moment, spending a lot of time thinking about my choices and where I’m going in life. Fortunately, one area where I’m feeling just fine is the way I look. I felt that my outfit and general image this weekend was the best ‘me’ that I’ve been in a while. I had a VBO (visible belly outline), particularly ashy white hair, blue lips, visible stubbly legs, and felt super great about everything. So even if I have no idea what I’m doing, at least I’ve reached my best-ever image self.

Dress : ASOS
Leather jacket : ASOS Curve
Sneakers : Nike

I got even more good feelings from my makeup. Since getting my eyebrows dyed at The Final Nail in Brighton I’ve been feeling like I want to mess around with my makeup, so I broke out the Illamasqua Apocalips which I haven’t worn in a good while…

I don’t often ask questions in blog posts because sometimes it feels contrived, but this genuinely got me thinking about how other people characterise their best selves, image-wise. Tweet me or drop me a comment, I want to see how you feel best!

i don’t wanna be right.

Yesterday I reached new levels of obnoxious dressing and put the Cut for Evans shirt and trousers together to form a fake jumpsuit! I actually loved this outfit, it feels super kickass and very me. Even though it wasn’t really sandal weather, my new Dr Martens sandals were the only shoes I had that worked with the outfit, so I broke them out for the first time. They’re so comfortable and will hopefully last forever, and are just the right side of ugly ’90s.

Leather jacket : ASOS Curve
Shirt : Cut for Evans
Trousers : Cut for Evans
Sandals : Dr Martens

I recently acquired a rather wonderful lipstick – Illamasqua in Posture. I wanted something with a greyish tone and thought this washed-out lilac was an excellent choice.

check it out!

Just a quick outfit from this weekend! I’m getting a lot of wear out of these faux-leather trousers from ASOS Curve, and I really wish they’d had them in my size as I’m forced to acknowledge that sizing up really did make them too big. Oh well, I’m managing. Worn with the excellent geometric-print Cut for Evans sleeveless top which has a different geometric pattern on the back and which I just love. I’m clearly on a check thing at the moment because when I realised I didn’t have a small bag, the one I ended up going for has a great squared pattern too…

Coat : ASOS
Top : Cut for Evans
Faux-leather trousers : ASOS Curve
Shoes : Dr Martens
Bag : ASOS

And a better look at my Jeepers Peepers sunglasses, which are absolutely wonderful! I adore the shape, not to mention the truly excellent print. I wanted something fun and frivolous as an alternative to my very chic regular pair of sunglasses, and I think these fit the bill!

burger babe.

Yesterday was a big day for me and burgers. It was the first night of Hamburger Queen, the final foray for the annual fat beauty pageant / performance art extravaganza, run by the inimitable Scottee. I was a finalist two years ago and I know how much fun it is, so when I heard they needed someone to sell HQ merch, I gladly volunteered since it would mean I could watch the show from my stall! Before heading to Hamburger Queen, I stopped off at Dirty Burger across the road for something to eat. Knowing I had burgers on my horizon, I wore my wonderful new necklace, and lo, the Great Burger Day came to pass.

Jacket : Simply Be
Shirt : George at Asda
Skirt : Primark
Brogues : Clarks

And a closeup on my Black Heart Creatives burger necklace…

The jacket proved so popular that the guy who took my order at Dirty Burger, and flawless queen / plus size model Felicity Hayward who was head judge at Hamburger Queen both demanded to try it on… I mean, just look at how perfect it is with Felicity’s nails.

grey days.

When Boohoo launched their plus line and offered to send me something, I thought I would pick a simple, easy-to-wear item for lazy days. The grey oversized t-shirt dress I went for proved an excellent idea, and I’m looking forward to wearing it without tights as the weather warms up. The only criticism I have is that I’m not wild about the thigh slits? I don’t know if it’s because I feel it somehow feminises it too much or because when I stand up on the bus it’s magically ridden up and I’m showing people my knickers. I’m wearing it with my absolutely wonderful pink faux-leather Simply Be biker jacket which has proved a wonderful acquisition! I feel like a Pink Lady, and it’s beauteous for spring! I’ve accepted that biker jackets and pastel colours are My Thing, so why not combine the two?

Dress : Boohoo
Jacket : Simply Be
Sneakers : Nike
Sunglasses : Miu Miu
Belt : ASOS Curve
Necklace : ASOS Curve