something old, something new

In lots of ways, the blogging bubble has burst. But I think especially for fat women, we rely on plus size bloggers and/or friends on social media buying stuff to know how it’ll look on us. Because retailers don’t use models that will give an accurate representation of how the clothes will look on fat bodies, we often need to see an item on a fat body to understand if it’s right for us. This is even truer on the occasions when I shop at the top end of the size range in a mainstream shop. This time: M&S. I had seen this truly beautiful dress online and loved it, but the combination of only seeing it on a thin model, and words like ‘tailored fit’ made me wonder if this was designed with my body size in mind, in any way. But then my sweet angel Danie bought it, and I could feel confident that it looked amazing on someone my size. Which was all the encouragement I needed. I’m wearing it today with a very old favourite jacket that I will probably keep forever, but I feel like this is a really versatile dress. I would wear it to a wedding or generally formal event with heels, I plan to wear it in the evenings on holiday with flat gold sandals, and having incorrigibly scruffy tendencies, I love that I can wear it with trainers.

Plus size leather jacket

Plus size white dress

Jacket: ASOS Curve (very old, similar here)
Dress: M&S
Sneakers: Superga

Again, I’m wearing my lowkey favourite lipstick: Stila in Bacca. It’s such a ‘me’ shade and I’m so, so happy I discovered it. I think Stila liquid lipsticks are extremely underrated, and I would probably go as far as to say they’re my favourite liquid lip formula available anywhere.

Stila Bacca

sweet summer.

After a long time in trousers, I’ve really been embracing dresses recently. Trousers will probably always be my one true love, but dresses have a real place in my wardrobe these days. Especially dresses from Monki. It breaks my heart that Monki don’t do plus sizes and the only reason I can wear their dresses is because a) I’m a smaller fat and b) their stuff is often oversize. I want brilliant designs and brilliant prints for all my fat babes. This particular dress is selling fast– I looked on the Monki site, on ASOS and in store and it was sold out everywhere. Lucky for me, one came back in stock on ASOS in my size and I made it mine. I just checked again and it’s sold out in every size on ASOS but 2 are available in a small and 2 are available in a large on Monki’s own site. It’s the perfect summer-casual dress that I can wear to work, wear for fun and take on holiday with me.

Monki printed white dress

Dress: Monki
Sneakers: Superga
Necklace: Topshop

I’m totally in love with Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie. My love for Dragon Girl and Cruella is well-documented, but I recently picked up a third pencil and am so impressed with it. Walkyrie is such a wearable shade, and the formula is so light yet matte. It’s great for days where you don’t want to make a statement but still want to feel like you’re wearing something on your lips.

Nars Walkyrie

bardot baby

Ever since I wore a similar neckline to a wedding in 2014, I’ve been hunting for more off-the-shoulder stuff with a neckline that isn’t just straight across. I’m doing a lot less clothes shopping these days (I’ve changed, man) but when I got paid last month I ordered a few items I’ve had my eye on for a while. One was this wonderful bodysuit that was basically everything I wanted. I wore it to Danie’s birthday on Saturday night with this old Look magazine for Simply Be skirt that I truly love, not least because it’s got pockets.


Bodysuit: Boohoo
Skirt: Simply Be
Shoes: Evans

I couldn’t decide what to do makeup-wise: should I go for a smoky brown eye and pinky-brown lip, or should I go a bit brighter with cobalt eyeliner and red lips as in this post? Eventually I decided the more muted look was a safer bet. I used various shades from the Tartelette Tease palette from Tarte on my eyes, and wore the wonderful Stila liquid lipstick in Patina on my eyes.


blue jean baby.

I only wear black jeans. That’s so much a truth that when I once deviated and wore a really old pair of blue boyfriend jeans because everything else was in the wash, a friend said ‘I’ve never seen you wear jeans before!’. Incorrect, my friend. Jeans, yes, but blue jeans? No. Until now! I decided it was the moment to branch out, and my black ASOS Curve Ridleys that I bought last summer were looking a bit faded and baggy, so it was perfect timing. ASOS Ridleys are the jean for me. They’re tight, strong, stretchy and skinny. They do everything I want them to. And this mid-blue was exactly what I was looking for. So I took them for a spin for the first time on Monday, for a day of stomping around London on the bank holiday. They’re just so good as part of this very relaxed (but not boring) outfit. I’m very happy to have made the switch.

Plus size bomber jacket

Jacket: Junarose (old)
T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Jeans: ASOS Curve
Trainers: custom Nike Blazers

When I went to New York in March I planned to repurchase Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare, which is one of the all-time best colours on me, but they were sold out in every Sephora I visted. I tried Lolita instead, and found I liked it a lot more than I expected to, and I’ve worn it a lot since then! It’s a good neutral that enables me to wear more interesting eye colours, like here, where I wore it with blue liquid eyeliner (alas obscured by my fringe…)

Kat Von D Lolita

think pink

Since I’ve moved house I’ve unearthed a lot of forgotten treasure. One of which was this dress, last seen on the blog in summer 2013. I’m wearing it with the same belt, but since we’re not in proper summer, I need tights, trainers and a jacket to keep me warm. The jacket is super great, right? I was gifted it by OneOneThree and am excited about the outfit possibilities it unlocks. I just love pink of any description and this dusky shade is perfect.

pink satin bomber jacket

Dress: Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans (2013, so it’s long gone!)
Jacket: OneOneThree
Trainers: Adidas (similar, in more sizes)

Today I’m wearing my number one favourite non-neutral lip: Stila liquid lipstick in Bacca. I saw a sales assistant wearing the most amazing berry-wine shade in Sephora in New York so asked her what it was and bought it instantly. No regrets.

stila lipstick in bacca