lady in red.

Last night I had the honour of having the most luxury evening with some of my favourite people. Beth and I went for a cocktail at the Savoy before meeting up with Odhran and Damian for dinner at Clos Maggiore, which has been voted the ‘most romantic restaurant in London’. I decided it was time to wear my wild new acquisition: a Pin Up Girl Monica dress. It’s not my usual style at all but I’d been eyeing them up for a really long time and the beautiful Em finally convinced me it was the right thing to do. I got it delivered to the building I was staying at in Philadelphia which helped since it meant I didn’t have to worry about shipping and import taxes, and even though it’s still expensive for a single item, it’s also wonderful. It’s faultlessly constructed, a wonderful colour, thick, stretchy material, and I didn’t even wear a bra with it.

Most importantly, I felt amazing. A woman came up to me in the Savoy bar to tell me I looked ‘stunning’ and a girl on the bus home said I ‘looked amazing’, which is truly all the evidence I need that it was a great buy. I just hope there are lots more excuses to wear it!

Red Pin Up Girl Monica dress

Dress : Pin Up Girl
Shoes : New Look (old)
Belt : ASOS Curve

I decided to use my Tarte Showstopper palette for my eye makeup, and wear my current obsession, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare on my lips.


It was such a beautiful, romantic venue, and the food was great. Check out beautiful Odhran in our delightful surroundings

Clos Maggiore Covent Garden conservatory

And in keeping with the romantic spirit, Beth bought us all ring pops and proposed!

Clos Maggiore ring pop selfie


I can’t lie, Beth and I looked great last night.

Me + Beth

the woman in black.


I had been umm-ing an ahh-ing about black turtlenecks for a while but when I read Twitter fave Rachel Syme’s Refinery 29 piece about them, I thought I could do worse than spending £8 on one from Asda. I wore it for the first time on Sunday with black jeans for a stomp in Richmond Park and then today with a mesh skirt for work. I’m not totally convinced it’s the one for me, but it’s good to have for days where I’m not sure what to wear.

Black roll neck plus size Asda

Roll neck : Asda
Jeans : ASOS Curve
Shoes : Dr Martens

I’ve been messing around with eye makeup a lot more recently and thought a dark red to match my Dr Martens would be good at bringing out my green eyes. I think it worked, right? It’s H&M eyeshadow in Sahara Dawn, with Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare, which I think has become one of my all-time faves.

Selfie - Kat Von D Double Dare

And I thought I’d wear it in a sweeter, more femme outfit, so put it with my delightful Simply Be lilac suede jacket! Sorry about my sad face, I don’t know what happened </3

Simply Be lilac suede trucker jacket

Jacket  : Simply Be
Roll neck : Asda
Skirt : ASOS Curve
Boots : Evans (old)

Worn with the bargainous and brilliant Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in Fandango Purple which I read was a good dupe for Kat Von D’s in Bauhau5.

Selfie - Sleek Matte Me Fandango Purple

little red riding hood.

As many of you know, my favourite book is Carol by Patricia Highsmith. When I saw this coat on navabi, I thought ‘that’s a Carol coat’ and instantly set about making it mine. Upon closer inspection, Carol never wears a coat like this, but it’s very much got the right vibe, and I just love it. It’s a beautiful colour, and it’s so rare to find an elegant coat with a hood- usually it’s all parkas and rain macs. This coat is 100% pure merino wool so it’s not only soft and luxurious but warm. I feel regal as hell in this coat. This weekend I paired it with my recent hero item: my Junarose leopard print trousers. Why has it taken me this long to own a pair of leopard print trousers? Oh yeah, because no one has made them in my size before. More of these, please, plus size retailers!

peter luft navabi red coat

Coat : Peter Luft via Navabi 
T-shirt : ASOS Curve
Trousers : Junarose
Shoes : Evans (old)

peter luft navabi red coat selfie

pink perfection.

When wondering what to wear with my leopard print trousers, I realised the pink fluffy Lana del Rey for H&M jumper from 2012 could be The Answer. I hardly ever wear this jumper because the angora blend comes off on everything and it’s kind of itchy sometimes, but it’s also adorable and perfect. And the fact it made the cut in my brutal wardrobe clearout means it still sparks joy in me. This is one of the items I’ve surprised myself by not only keeping, but wearing since the clearout. I teamed it with bitchin’ jewellery and my beloved shining white sneakers.

pink fluffy outfit

Jumper : H&M (old)
Trousers : Junarose
Sneakers : Superga

I’m really enjoying rings at the moment, maybe that has something to do with my delightful new nail shape (I’ve gone from pointy nails to coffin nails). Purple and gold ring is from Topshop (not listed on the site), pizza emoji ring is from RocknRose, pinky ring was my grandma’s, skinny gold ring is from Catbird in Brooklyn, and Don’t Bother ring is from Black Heart Creatives (now only available as a necklace)!

pink fluffy hands


I got so many compliments on these amazing earrings, and I got them for just £2.99 in H&M at the weekend!

pink fluffy selfie

the new collection.

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with navabi at their A/W shoot, looking after their social media and casting my beady fashion blogger eye over the new collection. And today, September 10th, is the day that collection launches!

navabi is such an important piece of the plus size fashion jigsaw, in that it offers super high-quality clothes from a huge range of brands, often at a justifiably higher price point than other retailers. Trousers from other retailers feel like they could rip if I bend down to tie my shoelace to enthusiastically, but the pair I have from navabi could withstand 1000 lunges. It’s just better, and that’s not something plus size women are really used to. I first tried them when looking for an outfit for George’s wedding, and the House of Magpie dress I wore via navabi was just princess-perfect. Their own range is no different- and it goes up to a size 30.

This A/W navabi collection is full of super great quality pieces in rich, gorgeous colours, made from fabrics that look and feel expensive (I’m thinking of some trousers with a metallic print, a thick mohair-feeling coat, heavily-beaded jackets). They’re all wearable and chic, but stand out. The collection was modelled by Laura Catterall and Clementine Desseaux, who are both straight-up model gorgeous, but I tried on several pieces myself (a good 3 sizes bigger than the models, at least) and was wowed. They felt luxurious and stylish while still being perfect for everyday. Laura and Clementine’s hair and makeup were kept super natural: barely-there makeup so Clementine’s freckles could shine through, textural hair without being too voluminous at the root, gently flyaway. Beautiful.

I asked Christine, the wonderful, warm, friendly woman who had designed the clothes, what her thinking and inspiration was behind the collection. Here’s what she said:  “The navabi woman is a free-spirit – she knows about fashion but is not a slave to it. She wants to bring her own character to the collection … the collection is aspirational, premium. It is fashion that depends on curves. navabi style is founded on cut, drape, sensuality and the all important ‘maverick touch’ – there is always something unexpected, for example a flash of contrast colour on a lining of a coat or jacket, a stretch lurex skinny trouser that is ideally worn during the day. The collection is inspired by the outside world; the contrasts that I find, the things that I stumble across – by cityscapes, by lush evergreen woodlands, by autumn leaves, by trees laden with winter berries. My favourite shapes are the egg shape funnel neck coat, the animal ‘blanket ‘ coat, the cocoon ‘mohair’ jacket, the swing check coat, the wide leg trouser suit, the culotte, the crop parallel pant, the asymmetric draped jersey dress.” As a side note: Christine is a super interesting and accomplished woman, who’s doing really interesting academic research on fashion.

My favourite pieces from the collection? A stunning beet-coloured shirt, a heavy and heavily-beaded jacket (both of which are launching a little later than the first drop), and both the Important Coats (one red check, one black and white). I’m an absolute coat fiend, and had a really hard time deciding which of the two was my favourite, having tried on both. In the end, the black and white won me over, as shown below on both model Laura and non-model me, with its ’90s Helmut Lang vibes and great pockets. I’ve already made it mine.



But yes, the coat is my absolute favourite. It’s so luxurious- wool, mohair, alpaca and cotton, and it really feels it. It’s warm and soft and 10000% nicer than pretty much every winter coat I’ve ever had. I’m into wearing it with a belt over it for a cute, casual look.

navabi coat