happy new year.

Hello friends! It’s 2017 which means we’re entering the sixth year of this blog, which is frankly wild. I have no idea what will happen this year, but I hope it’s some nice and exciting things, for me and for all of you. Since I’ve been back wearing clothes post-Christmas hibernation, I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of two floral jumpsuits I got in the sales. This one was something I had my eye on for a long time but was put off by the price, but when it went into the sale I committed instantly. It’s just so easy to wear and it means I don’t need to think about anything, which is my idea of a good outfit. It’s still available in a couple of sizes and I would recommend sizing up once if you’re at the higher end of your size as it has no stretch.


Jacket: ASOS
Jumpsuit: Alice & You
Trainers: Adidas


cocktail cutie.

Isn’t this dress just unbelievably adorable? The neckline, the full skirt, the print, the presence of pockets. It’s just too lovely. This is the latest Joanie item I’ve tried, and in terms of quality and design, I totally echo my feelings on the previous pieces I’ve had from there. In terms of sizing, I would say that this dress comes up much smaller than the lipstick-print shirt and black full mini skirt, and slightly smaller than the embroidered lipstick jumper that I also have. It’s very strong, stiff material but has zero stretch, and I found it felt quite constricting in my usual size. And great news: the dress is currently reduced!



Jacket: Montreal vintage shop
Dress: Joanie (Currently down to £35!)
Shoes: Evans

super satin.

I thought I should get this post from the weekend up ASAP because there’s still time to shop all the items bar the coat in the Black Friday sales! I can’t believe I’ve never blogged this skirt before because I wear it a lot: it’s been a real asset to my wardrobe, and a piece I can wear easily on a day where I want to guarantee I’ll look nice without thinking about it too much. I’m really loving the feel of satin, so when this black frilled top came in on ASOS Tall, I added it to my basket waiting for the right moment, hoping it wouldn’t sell out (as all size 20 items do with ASOS Tall). The right moment was the 20% off Black Friday code. I absolutely love this top- it’s so wearable but pretty. A statement, but not too much.



Coat: navabi (last year)
Top: ASOS Tall 
Skirt: ASOS Curve 
Trainers: Adidas

Lipstick is Illamasqua in Moth, which is currently half price. Eye makeup is done with a Guerlain eyeshadow duo in Cygne Noir.


pink crayon.

It’s got kind of cold in London lately, so it feels right to come to work in what’s essentially a babygro. This jumpsuit is easily the most comfortable, wearable thing I’ve ever owned, and it literally feels like wearing a onesie (maybe because it… kind of is?) I thought I would go all-out today and go full pink so the pink crayon effect of the jumpsuit wasn’t wasted.



Jacket: Simply Be (old)
Jumpsuit: ASOS Tall
Trainers: Adidas

On my lips is old favourite Stila liquid lipstick in Patina and my highlight, which a lot of people have asked about as I’ve been wearing it the last couple of days, is Colourpop Lunch Money. When I did a Colourpop order when there was the free international shipping code, I got two lipsticks, two eyeshadows and a highlight, and whenever anyone asked what I thought of the products I would say that I loved them all except the highlight. I found it a strange consistency (kind of like a creamy powder), and hard to work with, or more specifically, impossible to apply with a brush, which is how I apply my highlight. Once I gave up on the brush, everything worked a lot better for me. I now swipe my ring finger through the pan and then bounce it off my cheekbones. For the money, I think it’s a great product.


read my lips.

It’s been a long time since an item I wore in a selfie prompted quite such a flurry of ‘OMG where is that from?!’ comments, and with good reason. My new lips and lipstick-print shirt from Joanie is exactly the kind of item that people just can’t help commenting on.

It’s not a secret that I have very limited time for vintage-inspired/vintage-reproduction clothing lines, so it’s a real breath of fresh air to come across a new one that’s got a wide range of extremely cute, fun, beautiful, wearable styles. I just don’t wear floral prom dresses, but I do wear cool separates and great prints, so there was a lot for me to get excited about at Joanie. There’s just something more thoughtful about this range than pretty much every vintage-inspired range that has gone before. It’s got a real personality, for one thing- I absolutely cannot wait to wear the other item I got from there, this adorable embroidered jumper. FYI, Both of the Joanie items in this post are available from size 8 to 26, and everything I’ve seen on the site is £48 or under. Not to go full personal shopper, but I can see so many people I know looking absolutely incredible in this dress, not just because my beloved Em is modelling it on the site!



Coat: ASOS
Blouse: Joanie
Skirt: Joanie
Shoes: Evans (old)

Wearing with my new YSL knock-off earrings I got on Ebay, and the greatest red lipstick of all time: Sephora Always Red.