mix don’t match.

Breton tops are one of those things I’m sure thin girls take for granted, but are incredibly hard to find in plus sizes without some horrible ‘design detail’ that kills the chic and simple vibe. Either the sleeves are the wrong length or they’ve done it in the wrong colours or it’s the wrong shape or they’ve added something twee. Sigh no more, lads! I’ve just acquired one that’s perfect. This, from Junarose, is so bloody good I feel like I’m falling in love. If you click the link below the pictures, you’ll see that the only addition to a standard t-shirt shape is a cute-as-hell navy blue ribbon tie at the back of the neck. I love it.

Top : Junarose
Skirt : secondhand
Coat : Simply Be
Shoes : Evans (but in silver, not yet online)

I can’t stop wearing my new Tom Ford lipstick in Velvet Cherry. It’s honestly the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time. Yes, it was ridiculously expensive, but it’s so painfully perfect. It takes ages to fade and when it does, it fades so evenly that I’m never left with that look-ruining ring of dark lipstick that’s clung to the outside of the lips while the rest disappears. I can’t sing its praises highly enough.

lust list.

Although I love making exciting new acquisitions, scratching the itch of novelty, chasing the excitement of frivol, I’ve tried to be more thoughtful and strategic in what I buy of late. I’m trying to think about what actually works, what I actually need, what will make a difference to what I already have. So I’ve made a little list to assemble the current targets of my hard-earned cash, which I’ve either been ruminating over for some time and yet to bite the bullet, or things that will enhance what I’ve already got.


Faux fur stole // Bone ring // Feu de Bois candle // Philip Kingsley Elasticizer // Green shirt // Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm // Ripped-knee jeans // Essie nail varnish in Leading Lady

The fur stole would be for variety: I’m already very taken with the all-grey stole I’m wearing in the previous post, but would like something more colourful so I don’t only have one choice.
I’ve been coveting a Bloody Mary Metal ring for some time and think the bone is damn cool, oddly classic but still fun, and something I could wear every day. Jewellery-wise recently, it’s been my gold Namefully name necklace and my beautiful Alex Monroe garland ring, every day, for several weeks.
I splurged on a Diptyque Feu de Bois candle last year when I wanted to make my bedroom a fragrant, lovely nest, and it just burned its last a few days ago as I was watching About Time and eating Christina’s fritters. I’ve tried other scented candles but I just love the heavy, ‘masculine’ smell of the burning wood scent. I might try the Muji equivalent to tide me over until I can bring myself to splash out again.
I’ve only heard good things about Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, with the most common comment that it makes your hair ‘feel like angel hair’. As you can tell from photos over the past eight months, I’m growing mine out and I’m trying to do it the sensible, healthy way with regular trims to keep it sharp and in good condition, since I’m well aware that beneath this brown dye there is several months’ worth of bleached hair. I’m looking to the Elasticizer to make it a silky silky dream.
Not much to say about this shirt other than that I love the boxy shape and voluminous sleeves, and think it would look good with skinny jeans or a tight-as-hell pencil skirt.
When I bought my ma a Naked Basics 2 palette, I was given a sample of Urban Decay’s new face products. I tried one out, believing it to be a primer, but upon further research I’ve established it was actually a BB cream… so I’m just going to pretend it’s a primer and stick to that. It made my skin outrageously glowy. I had dinner with my friend Vanessa who, unprompted, commented on my sheer radiance. I need more.
Jeans. I’ve refined my taste in jeans to a) black b) skinny. I’m still wearing my Evans acid wash pair, but my heart belongs to my ASOS Ridleys. I figured I might branch out into ripped-knee territory since it seems like something my dream girlfriend Kristen Stewart might wear.
And last but not least: Essie nail varnish in Leading Lady. I’m obsessed with the glossy, expensive, high-pigment, high-glitter finish. It is truly the embodiment of Luxury Bitch, which is the aesthetic I try to live by at all times. I was going to get this at the weekend, but Liberty had none, and I’d got word that TK Maxx had lots of Illamasqua nail varnishes, so picked up a few of those in delicious colours for £3.99 each or £7.99 for a set of two. I can wait to be a leading lady.

channel orange.

I’ve been very much in my tops with trousers or dungarees thing for some time now. As someone who struggles with tights and ladylike shoes, it just makes more sense to go for something a bit lower-maintenance. But when my buddy George collaborated with Lady V London on the Lady Voluptuous line, I was obviously going to give it a go. I went for the orange Cosette dress, because I loved the colour and the print, and thought the shape would work well for me. I also like the name Cosette because it was the name of Adriana’s dog in The Sopranos and I maintain that’s what George named it after. No, it’s not my usual style, but… maybe it should be? Maybe not full-time, but at least I know I can feel comfortable in something like this. I do struggle with some femininities, but I really, really loved this outfit. It made me feel like Carol, the lead character from my favourite book (Carol by Patricia Highsmith, do read it if you’re in the mood to fall in love). If you’re gonna get involved with this style, my only advice would be to size down. I asked for what I thought was my normal size but wish I’d sized down. One of my favourite things about this collection has been the way girls below a size 16 have been whining like ‘it’s so unfair that this is only available in plus sizes!!!! Why can’t you just make it in all sizes!!!!’ WELCOME TO MY WORLD, LADIES!

Dress : Lady Voluptuous
Coat : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
Stole : Missguided (similar)

And I decided to go full orange with my makeup too! Lipstick is Topshop in Could This Be Love.

square and circle.

I’m such a bad blogger- I was sent this Cut for Evans dress literally months ago and never got round to blogging it. Please forgive me. Today I’m wearing it with two recent purchases that are blowing my mind and rocking my world: the H&M grey bobble-polka dot cardigan and Tom Ford lipstick in Velvet Cherry. I really, really love the semi-illusion effect of this sweater dress and the waffle/honeycomb texture of the knit is a really nice detail. It’s a good length on me, veering on too short, but that’s mostly because I’m a real old lady about skirt lengths for daytime…

Sweater dress: Cut for Evans
Coatigan: H&M
Boots: Evans
The earrings are H&M and the lipstick is just divine, isn’t it? Tom Ford knows what he’s doing.

wishful thinking.

Do you ever see an item of clothing and think about it for weeks and then months and every time you think about it you wonder why you didn’t buy it yet and consider how much thinking time it would have saved you because you know that all roads lead to you owning that thing? Well I had that with not one but two items, from the same collection. I’ve said before, the most recent season of the Look Magazine collaboration with Simply Be is my favourite single collection from any plus-size retailer ever. I could easily have worn all of it. When it came out I got the beautiful orange dress and the chic-as-hell navy blue check coat, but I properly fixated on the black and white marble skirt and the blue brush-stroke skirt. Now they are mine.

Shirt: Simply Be
Skirt : Simply Be
Coat : Simply Be
Boots : Evans

I got my outrageously long claws transformed into something more manageable (still fake, but now I can type!) and I’m in love with the colour- OPI in Suzi Takes the Wheel. Earrings are these darling Susan Caplan for ASOS (another collection I would happily wear any and all of, and most of which is now at a totally bargainous sale price), and lipstick is my one true pinky-beige love: Nars in Anita.