Here Comes The Sun.

Surely the fact I’m reviewing swimwear means summer’s on its way, yes? Either way, I will be finding a multitude of ways to hit the beach now I have this delectable bikini to wear. Firstly, apologies for the not particularly good photo. This is partly because I am lazy, but mostly because I would feel a bit weird about posing for a super-sharp DLSR photo of myself in swimwear.

I guess back in the day, in my slightly more aesthetically repressed youth, I wouldn’t really dream of wearing a bikini because I was so conscious of other people being weirded out / generally repulsed by my pale, abundant fat. Now I really do not care and completely understand that what I wear to the beach is my choice only.

So here you have it.

This is the beautiful, wonderful Isis set from Elomi Lingerie, in the Swim Bra and the High Waist Brief. I’ve actually pulled the sides of the brief down a bit as I felt it was a tiny bit too high waisted as it was. As ever, I’m wearing a 36E top and a size 18 bottom, and as ever with Elomi, they fit perfectly. The bottoms shape me without sucking me in like Spanx. The low leg and high waist combine to make a really lovely silhouette. The bikini top is supportive and I’m really digging the thick straps. It’s dreamy. It gives me the old-school outline I’ve always wanted in swimwear, and until now I’ve felt woefully underserved by retailers in terms of fat-girl swimstuff. It looks especially delicious on an hourglass figure, but I dare you not to feel a little bit sexy in it whatever your shape.

My only criticism is the fastening mechanism. I’m a clever girl but sweet Jesus it was hard to do up. I want to be able to do my bra or bikini top up behind my back with everything in the right place, but this just resulted in major arm ache, frustration and eventually caving and spinning it round to the front. So I guess it was no big deal, but a criticism none the less.

I pranced around my housemate’s room wearing it (that’s Beth’s room you can see above!) and she was so crazy about it she already ordered one for herself. Friends, these are some truly gorgeous swimsuits. Secure, supportive, sassy, stylish.

And because this is my current obsession, here’s a musical interlude to accompany my beachwear…

Pool party, anyone?