lucille 4.

I felt very Glamourous Older Lady in the outfit I wore to my friend Cathy’s 30th on Saturday. If there was a Lucille 4 in Arrested Development, it would be me. This weekend I had a massive clearout, following the KonMari method, which totally worked for me. I got rid of so much stuff- either in bags for the charity shop, or on Depop, or straight in the bin if it was torn or stained. An item I surprised myself by selling was a super nice printed jumpsuit that I got last year, but when I held it, it didn’t spark joy in me because I know that whenever I wear it, I feel self-conscious that the legs are slightly too short. Not short enough to be chic and midi-length, just… too short. So it went, and a lucky person will be receiving it in the post this week. The day before, sitting in Tallinn airport, I had ordered this new jumpsuit, which turned up halfway through my clearout, and when I put it on, it became the jumpsuit I had been looking for. The perfect length, the perfect print, the perfect fit. I don’t know why I’d held out so long- it’s so clearly me. It seemed fitting to replace an item I really liked that wasn’t quite right with one that was perfect.

Jumpsuit : ASOS Curve
Shoes : New Look
Necklace : Elephant & Castle shopping centre

Still obsessed with MAC Sin lipstick and dark winged eye makeup. Can’t stop won’t stop!


I always keep it casual when I go on holiday, especially when I only pack hand luggage. I keep a rotating array of tops and jeans, generally wear the same flat shoes or trainers every day, and take one neutral outerwear item. The trip I took to Tallinn in Estonia last week was no different, but it was an opportunity for me to wear a few great items for the first time. As Queen of Outerwear, this super chic mac just rocked my world. It’s made of fluid but heavy, drapey material and belts beautifully, and makes a really good alternative to the classic trench that’s generally made of stiffer material. The lighter, slightly greyish colour also adds that little something. Studio8 gifted me this when they sent me the stunning jumpsuit, but it’s only really been weather appropriate to wear it last week, in the slightly cooler Estonia.

Mac : Studio8
T-shirt : ASOS Curve
Jeans : ASOS Curve
Sandals : Dr Martens

Continuing my adventures in eye makeup…

Trying a new pair of jeans is always a minefield, and one I almost always regret, so it seemed unwise to take my new Juanrose pair to Tallinn without ever having worn them. And yet, I was proved wrong! They fit perfectly, deliciously tight, and with a very dark blue wash, made a nice change to my always-black denim choice.

Top : Junarose
Jeans : Junarose
Sandals : Dr Martens

Worn with a sweet, soft makeup look.

got my eye on you.

I feel ‘summergoth’ is an important aesthetic and this dress goes a long way to totally nail it, especially with my blood-coloured lips and heavy, dark eyes. This dress is from Isolated Heroes, makers of my new pink sequin jacket, and let me just say: I know how rare it is to find genuinely cool and interesting clothes in my size. To find a retailer that makes clothes for skinny girls but that will also bother to make them up to a size 24 (I know that’s not every size but it’s a pretty decent range). So it’s a shame that I can’t be 100% enthusiastic about the finished product as mine is already developing flaws. It’s only a small hole (where the bottom-most eye connects to the mesh fabric of the dress) but it’s a hole that shouldn’t be there after one wear. Isolated Heroes have been extremely attentive, happy to answer questions and resolve issues with my order, but I’m not gonna pretend that everything is A++ with this item. I’ll keep wearing it and hope the hole doesn’t increase (and style it out when it does), but it’s just a shame that we can’t have bangin’ designs and bangin’ quality for our $$$.

Dress : Isolated Heroes
Sandals : Dr Martens

can’t get you out of my head.

Even though there are items of clothing I really need at the moment (both my favourite black skinny jeans AND my beloved white Superga sneakers have holes in, and are soon to become unwearable), the one thing I’ve actually shelled out for recently has been a very frivolous black mesh skirt. It’s not like anything else I have, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and someone posted something similar, and that was it- I knew I had to have it. I think the most me way to wear this skirt is with the long-sleeve shirts I so adore, but I also went for super chic and feminine shoes this time.

Shirt : ASOS Curve
Skirt : ASOS Curve
Shoes : New Look
Sunglasses : Miu Miu  (very decent Miu Miu-esque sunglasses here)

Lipstick is MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Criminal, which I like a lot, but goes on a bit unevenly and is quite drying. The colour is great, though! And my earrings are old old H&M ones that I hardly ever wear but are absolutely perfect.

here comes the bride.

This weekend I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending the wedding of George, who you will almost definitely know from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and her now-husband Robbie. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine, peacocks, great outfits and good vibes. I went with Callie and Danie, wh0 were absolutely excellent fun, and looked amazing (head to their blogs in the fullness of time, and I’m sure they’ll have posted their outfits too!)

I always feel a bit self-conscious when I wear A Nice Dress because I’m never sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, and make the rest of me look nice enough to go with it. This House of Magpie dress, that Navabi kindly gifted me when I was panicking about not finding anything to wear, was unbelievably ¬†beautiful, and so much nicer than anything I’ve worn before. Unfortunately that dress is now out of stock but they have other dresses by the same designer here. I went for pale, blush- and baby blue-coloured accessories and pewter nail varnish to pick up the colours on the embellishment, and bright pink lips with rose gold eyes. I loved it, and felt like a sweet princess all day.

Dress : Navabi
Bag : ASOS
Shoes : New Look

It was unbelievably sunny (so sunny, in fact, I now have terrible sunburn!) so I turned to my trusty tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses from ASOS.

I can’t lie: we all looked fully radiant.

And what a beautiful bride!

I went for MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick under Sephora Luster Matte lip colour in Magenta.

Congratulations to George and Robbie, and I wish you an excellent and long marriage!