a universal standard.

I just want clothes that work. Things that suit me, that work with my wardrobe, that take zero effort on my part. Universal Standard feels like a brand that’s doing that. When I went to New York last month, one of the first things I booked (after a tour of Donald Judd’s home-studio on Spring Street!) was a visit to the Universal Standard showroom. I tried on everything that I was even vaguely interested in, with the intention of only buying the Geneva dress (because it looks great on everyone) and I’d even conserved some birthday money to spend on a Universal Standard order. Unfortunately, I was between sizes in the Geneva and it didn’t look 100% perfect on me, but two other items really jumped out at me. One was the Marano wrap top and the other was this dress- the Katy dress in aubergine. I knew it would slip seamlessly into my wardrobe, and I felt so comfortable in it. I’m wearing it today with bare legs and mules because it’s wildly warm in London at the moment, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with tights and black ankle boots when it cools off.

Dress: Universal Standard
Shoes: Evans (old)

On my lips is the absolutely delicious Urban Decay liquid lipstick in Blackmail, which I just love. I DJed at an Urban Decay instore party last night and asked for part-payment in makeup, and they did not let me down!


It’s warm, huh? I’m taking advantage of this unseasonable weather to wear a dress I just acquired, since it probably won’t look right with tights and I want to get wear out of it this year! I saw this dress on Instagram and clicked through to the maker, and found Rosie Sweetpea. She (not actually called Rosie, in fact called Yasmin!) makes the same style of dress in different fabrics, and this particular fabric was one she no longer made, but when some of this fabric reappeared I pounced on it. The verdict’s in: I love this dress. It’s a perfect fit (I have it in a size 22) and an absolutely lovely shape, and honestly, for €40 for a handmade dress, I can’t really fault it at all!

All her designs are dependent on the fabric she has available at the time, so vary a lot, but the shape doesn’t. It’s well-documented that I’m self-conscious about things being too short on me, so I asked her to lengthen mine by 2 inches, which makes it the perfect length at 5ft 9.

Unfortunately, the dresses only come up to a UK size 22 at the moment but I messaged and asked if there were any plans to extend that, and her reply was that she’s looking into it for next year. So many apologies for people above a 22 who want one now!

I bought this dress with my own £££ because I wanted to support a small business, but I messaged Yasmin to ask if she had any codes coming up that I could share with you and she made ARCHEDEYEBROW for 15% off until the end of the year! As I said, the fabric rotates according to availability so there isn’t always a huge variety of products available but follow @Rosiesweetpea on Instagram to keep up to date with fabric!

Duster coat: Yoona at navabi  (I think the duster is sold out but lots of good stuff there)
Dress: Rosie Sweetpea
Shoes: Minorquines

On my lips is the absolutely lovely Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in Ruby. This isn’t one of their liquid mattes, it’s a regular solid lipstick, and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, ABH is one of the most consistently excellent beauty brands I’ve tried- I love their eyeshadow palettes, highlighter palettes, liquid lipsticks, solid lipsticks.

Oh, speaking of beauty- I think I’m going to do a post soon about Glossier makeup as they’re now shipping to the UK (and shipping is free over £25, and you get 10% off your first order through this very link!) – I’ve got a few items coming soon and Twitter seemed interested in an overall look at what I like and what I don’t, so I’ll get that up as soon as I’ve had a chance to try it all!

skirt the issue.

I struggle with skirts. I wonder if this is a plus size thing- I know the brand I work for (hi, navabi!) stocks relatively few skirts compared to other items. I love the way midi skirts look but find I sometimes feel kind of frumpy in them, and I’m really self-conscious of wearing mini skirts because I have a big a$$ and a high waist, which means they come up super short on me. But! I have struck gold with this pleather wrap skirt from Elvi!

I’m wearing it today with this great, simple shirt from Zara. This kind of shirt is hard to find in plus sizes- it feels brands always mess with something fundamentally easy, or they make them too long because for some reason they believe that’s what we want. Anyway, I tried this shirt on in Zara in Palermo in a large, which was fine, but I really wanted the extra large, so I ordered it via their app while I was away. It’s a bargain! £12.99! Of course, it only fits because it’s specifically marked as ‘oversize’- I would never really expect stuff from Zara to fit me…

Shirt : Zara
Skirt : Elvi
Shoes : Evans, old

On my lips is Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Heathers. Hey, speaking of lips- I’m wearing a different lipstick every day in October so I don’t get stuck in a rut of only using old favourites, and I’m tagging it #Liptober on Instagram. Lots of other people are getting involved so if you want some makeup inspiration, check out the tag!

i mean business.

As I was handing over my card to pay for today’s outfit, I looked the sales assistant in the eye and said ‘I think this is going to change everything for me.’ As soon as I saw this jacket and trousers in the promotional material for Curve Fashion Fest, I raced to the New Look site to buy it. But it wasn’t there. I checked every day and it still wasn’t there. I went to Curve Fashion Fest this weekend for work, and… it was there! On the New Look stand. So I bought it.

This is something I’m going to wear a lot. It solves a lot of outfit problems, in that I own a lot of cute tops and now I have a neutral top and bottom canvas to wear them with in a stylish way. I tried it on with a blue shirt from Mat at navabi at Curve Fashion Fest which was also a great look. I’m also in love with it because it looks great with trainers, and I wear trainers pretty much every day in the autumn.


Blazer: New Look Curves
Trousers: New Look Curves
Available in main range here // here]
T-shirt: Joanie
Sneakers: Botas 66

Lips are, as ever NYX Cherry Skies. On my eyes is the Beauty Pie jewel-tone eyeshadow palette.


I know what I like. I like relaxed, non-jean trousers with a top of some description tucked in. That’s my sartorial happy place and it’s what I wear most days. But sometimes I fancy a change, and I see something that captures my imagination. This dress, from the second influencer collaboration with navabi (hey, did you hear? Mine was the first!) is just that. It’s by the gorgeous and lovely Aglae Dreyer who you’ll probably recognise from her modelling work on pretty much every plus size site. And this dress is beautiful. It’s also sold out, which I am very sorry for! But I wanted to show you how lovely this dress is a) in case it comes back in stock if someone returns one and b) because it’s a great advertisement for the rest of the collection, which is in this same blue-and-white, relaxed but cool/pretty vibe. This dress is great because at first glance it’s a standardly pretty blue and white striped dress with some kind of embroidery, but when you look closer… the embroidery is of eyes! I don’t know why this charmed me so much, but it did.

I also have the sports-luxe trousers from this collection which I absolutely adore. Aglae, if I may say so, did a great job on her collection! I’m now wondering if the midi skirt would be a nice end-of-summer-beginning-of-autumn piece…

Dress: Aglae x navabi
Shoes: Evans (old)

And on my lips is the absolute classic, NYX liquid lipstick in Cherry Skies. I wanted to wear something other than my current fave rosy-brown shades but thought a bright red was maybe too obvious with this dress, so Cherry Skies seemed perfect.