pink crayon.

It’s got kind of cold in London lately, so it feels right to come to work in what’s essentially a babygro. This jumpsuit is easily the most comfortable, wearable thing I’ve ever owned, and it literally feels like wearing a onesie (maybe because it… kind of is?) I thought I would go all-out today and go full pink so the pink crayon effect of the jumpsuit wasn’t wasted.



Jacket: Simply Be (old)
Jumpsuit: ASOS Tall
Trainers: Adidas

On my lips is old favourite Stila liquid lipstick in Patina and my highlight, which a lot of people have asked about as I’ve been wearing it the last couple of days, is Colourpop Lunch Money. When I did a Colourpop order when there was the free international shipping code, I got two lipsticks, two eyeshadows and a highlight, and whenever anyone asked what I thought of the products I would say that I loved them all except the highlight. I found it a strange consistency (kind of like a creamy powder), and hard to work with, or more specifically, impossible to apply with a brush, which is how I apply my highlight. Once I gave up on the brush, everything worked a lot better for me. I now swipe my ring finger through the pan and then bounce it off my cheekbones. For the money, I think it’s a great product.


read my lips.

It’s been a long time since an item I wore in a selfie prompted quite such a flurry of ‘OMG where is that from?!’ comments, and with good reason. My new lips and lipstick-print shirt from Joanie is exactly the kind of item that people just can’t help commenting on.

It’s not a secret that I have very limited time for vintage-inspired/vintage-reproduction clothing lines, so it’s a real breath of fresh air to come across a new one that’s got a wide range of extremely cute, fun, beautiful, wearable styles. I just don’t wear floral prom dresses, but I do wear cool separates and great prints, so there was a lot for me to get excited about at Joanie. There’s just something more thoughtful about this range than pretty much every vintage-inspired range that has gone before. It’s got a real personality, for one thing- I absolutely cannot wait to wear the other item I got from there, this adorable embroidered jumper. FYI, Both of the Joanie items in this post are available from size 8 to 26, and everything I’ve seen on the site is £48 or under. Not to go full personal shopper, but I can see so many people I know looking absolutely incredible in this dress, not just because my beloved Em is modelling it on the site!



Coat: ASOS
Blouse: Joanie
Skirt: Joanie
Shoes: Evans (old)

Wearing with my new YSL knock-off earrings I got on Ebay, and the greatest red lipstick of all time: Sephora Always Red.


modern witchcraft.

I love this outfit. It feels perfectly seasonal and totally sleek. I especially love the coat, which is heavy and luxurious and falls beautifully. I basically love the whole Hayley Hasselhoff for Elvi range and would easily wear all of it. The only problem is, it’s not at all easy to wear. I’m 5ft9 and this coat would hit the floor if I wore it with flat shoes, aka the kind of shoes I wear 90% of the time. It’s much too long, and if it’s too long for me as a relatively tall person, I struggle to see how anyone of average height or below could wear it at all. One of the biggest problems is if you wear it unbelted, the belt is so long that at least 6 inches of it trails on the floor, so I’m counteracting that by pulling it down at the back so that it hangs loose at the back and shorter at the front. I know all these things (adjust the belt, wear platform/heeled shoes) seem minor, but I want clothes that work for me, that I can wear without thinking about. This coat is totally worth the effort it takes to wear it, though, and I love the dramatic effect and amazing quality. This weekend I wore it over my brilliant Zara velvet sweater. Zara is not a shop I can buy from 90% of the time, but I recently picked up this top and a beautiful embroidered shirt in the biggest size and miraculously they fit. Most stuff there is not made for someone of my size, but every so often it’s worth trying stuff on just to see!




Coat: Hayley Hasselhoff for Elvi
Top: Zara
Jeans: M&S
Boots: Yours

And a closeup on the glitter! It’s multicoloured! (My name necklace is from Namefully, by the way)


Lipstick is my beloved Stila liquid lipstick in Bacca, eye makeup is Maybelline On And On Bronze cream eyeshadow on the lid with one of the shades from Nars Kalahari smoked around the eye.


burgundy babe.

Hello friends! Just thought I’d drop by with a quick little casual outfit from the weekend, featuring my excellent faux-shearling biker jacket that I think I’ll be wearing a lot this winter. I paired it with my favourite t-shirt, the kind of t-shirt you buy and it’s so easy and so useful that you want it in every colour. The classic navy stripe is already in my shopping bag.

Jacket: Junarose via navabi
Top: ASOS Curve
Jeans: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Dr Marten

I had been looking for a velvet bag in a sensible size and shape for a while. A lot of the cross-body bags I’d seen were too small, too impractical. So when I saw this, from Pull & Bear, I knew it was the one. It’s great, and provides a good incentive for me to not carry too much junk with me.


When I went to see Moonlight at the London Film Festival with my pal Eva she was wearing the most fantastic deep blood red with a great matte finish, so obviously I had to dash out and buy it ASAP. It was NYX’s Liquid Suede lipstick in Cherry Skies and it really hasn’t disappointed me.


seasons change.

Today’s post is basically 100% made up of items I bought in summer sales that I’m still wearing now autumn is here. I was really kind of confused about why this navy blue midi dress was in the Cos sale this summer- it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d buy for your autumn wardrobe. But it was 70% off and stretchy enough to fit me in their biggest size, so I bought it rather than spending any more time wondering why they’d put it in the sale. And this jacket is quilted, which means it’s less than ideal for summer, but again, I got it at 70% off a couple of months ago and have been waiting for the right time to break it out. I think I got it more reduced than it was meant to be because mine has a tiny hole in the collar, but it’s basically invisible and covered by my hair, so I can deal with it. And these sandals: I know I’m pushing it a bit by wearing white sandals in October, but I really feel like they work… I hope you do too!


Jacket: &Other Stories
Dress: Cos
Sandals: Yours Clothing

Look at that pattern!


Worn with Nars Valkyrie lipstick, one of my favourite non-liquid lipsticks. I find it hard to get pinky-brown lipstick right when it’s not in a matte liquid formula, but this is really one of my very, very favourites.