botanical babe.

Last night I had the honour and the pleasure of DJing at a wedding for the first time. It was held in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and was between two absolutely wonderful people, who I don’t know well enough, and hope to get to know much better when they move back to London later in the summer. The wedding itself was so beautiful, extremely moving and so positive. Everyone looked absolutely amazing, and I felt very happy with my choice of outfit! I felt like a femme babe, and it’s really inspired me to wear bodycon stuff more.

Dress : Lipstick Boutique (similar here)
Shoes : New Look
Belt : H&M

On my face I wore my usual stuff, and Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. I can’t stop singing the praises of this product! I’m definitely going to stock up on A LOT MORE colours while I’m in NY.

Yesterday morning before the wedding, I met up with my beloved pal Cathy, who was Mistress of Ceremonies last night, and we got our nails done at Primp & Polish in Williamsburg. I went for this chic half-moon design on my nails, and as you can see above, a cute, poppy aqua colour on my newly-pedicured toes! Getting your nails done is such a bargain in NY, if it was this cost-effective in London I would probably do it all the time…


Hello friends! Instead of broadcasting from my desk at work, I’m writing to you from bed in Brooklyn, drinking the nectar of the gods (Arizona raspberry ice tea) and nursing my sunburn. I’m finally on holiday! 2 weeks in New York is underway, so I thought I would post my outfits so far.

One of the points of going on holiday is to do different stuff to what you usually do back home, so on my first day in NY, I met up with some of my pals (who are also holidaying here) to go to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade! It’s an annual parade with floats and marching bands and MERMAIDS. There were *lots* of inspirational fat femme mermaids, which warmed my heart.

I decided to take advantage of the fact my lovely mum had bought me some Little Mermaid leggings (unrelated to Mermaid Parade!) and go on-brand for the day.

Vest : Primark
Leggings : Primark
Sandals : Dr Martens
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses : Miu Miu 
Necklace : Tatty Devine

Then yesterday, for a breakfast in Williamsburg then a stroll around the Brooklyn Flea, followed by taking the subway into Manhattan and walking from Union Square to Central Park before a picnic in the park, I wore my wonderful Simply Be jumpsuit. I haven’t blogged this yet because I haven’t been able to photograph that many outfits lately. It’s such a good jumpsuit, in such a good print. A particularly beautiful, stylish lady in the lift at work even complimented me on it! My only criticism is that it’s slightly too short for me, and I’m 5ft 9. I want my jumpsuits to be dragging along the ground, not trailing around my ankles!

Jumpsuit : Look magazine for Simply Be
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sandals : Dr Martens

bag it up.

I am fully in love with my new bag, which is here just in time for summer sunshine and gleeful bright colours. It’s from Cut Make Trim, who are a new small company that makes flawless leather bags in lots and lots of colours. When they said I could try one of their designs, I figured I already have an oxblood satchel I love and use a lot, so I should probably go for a different shape in a completely different colour. The mustard yellow barrel bag was the perfect solution, I reckon. I’m a fan of big bags, because I like to put as much junk as possible in there, so when I first used my new bag I wondered if maybe I wasn’t cut out for the small handbag life. But I can actually fit loads of my stuff, and to prove it, I’m going to show you all the bits and pieces I have with me on a daily basis (and because everyone loves knowing what’s in other people’s makeup bags, I’m going to show you inside that as well!)

A good barometer for ‘is this a bitchin’ item?’ is if strangers come up to you and ask where you got it, which is exactly what happened with this bag when I was in the pub on Sunday. Excellent work.

Look! All my stuff fits!

‘All my stuff’ consists of my adorable Paul & Joe makeup bag, sunglasses, keys, tampons, Moleskine diary, purse, book and Kindle.

Inside my makeup bag… it’s hard to take pictures of makeup that aren’t bloody terrible, so here’s as good as I’ve got. I carry a ‘few’ lipsticks, which at the moment are MAC in Candy Yum Yum (a bright, hot matte pink), No 7 in Gay Geranium (a frivolous coral), Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl (bright, strong red, and my absolute favourite beauty product I’ve tried for years), and Revlon Colorburst matte crayon in Elusive (a soft, chic browny-pink). Gotta have useful bits like good tweezers (I’ve had these Tweezerman ones for three years and have felt no urge to replace) and a pencil sharpener for my Nars crayon and pencil eyeliners on the very odd occasion I wear it. The sweet pinky-orange pot at the bottom is my favourite blusher, Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia, which is a gorgeous, strongly-pigmented cream blush. For my skin, I sometimes use the Maybelline Baby Skin pore-eraser under my new favourite foundation, YSL Touche Teint. I always put Benefit’s Fake Up under my eyes to conceal dark circles, and although I hate paying so much for such a boring item, I tried cheaper concealers and they just didn’t work for me. I don’t often wear eye makeup, but I like to always have some neutral shadows and a black liquid / gel eyeliner in case I decide to do something easy. I like these three little Revlon shadows which you buy separately then clip together, and I tend to wear them all at once on different parts of the eye. I’ve been enjoying the new Rimmel gel eyeliner with brush, even though it’s not a look I really go for often. I’ve also got a small Lancome black eyeliner just in case. My favourite mascara has been discontinued, at least in the UK, which is the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara. The only place I’ve found it is in a factory outlet shop near my grandparents’, so last time I was there I picked up 2 more for £3 each. I’m not as regimented with my eyebrows as I once was, and sometimes I just put on a slick of Urban Decay clear brow setting gel. Others, when I want to make more of an impact, I use the cheap but excellent Barry M eyebrow set.


If I hadn’t made it abundantly clear with my squealing on social media, I’m going on holiday next week! I’m off to New York for two weeks, where I plan to stroll, eat, drink, see art, meet up with various fat babes, do some gentle partying and generally live the dream. New York weather is gloriously unpredictable, but whether it’s blazing sunshine or torrential rain, it’s almost certainly going to be hot and humid. I’ve pretty much got all of my clothes sorted, so I thought I’d show you my general ideas about what I’ll be wearing while I’m there!

I’ve included the dress I’m going to wear at the wedding we’re DJing at, which I chose purely because I loved it. I know that sounds like an obvious reason to choose something, but I’ve realised that the more chub I get, the more I just choose dresses for events based on whether they’ll fit and be generally easy-to-wear on my fat body, rather than if I actually like them. It’s something to do with the whole ‘flattering’ thing, I think. Sometimes you stop asking yourself ‘do I love this?’ and instead settle for ‘will this look acceptable on me?’. I thought I’d try to break out of that with a tight, off-the-shoulder dress with a pattern I wouldn’t normally wear!

Fingers crossed I’ll get some outfit photos while I’m there, but knowing me I’ll be too sweaty and gross to want my photo taken, so here’s either the EXACT ITEMS I’m taking or, in the case of the vest and the jacket, current season versions of them.

Acid wash jeans – Boohoo plus // neon orange vest – New Look // fruit print culottes – Primark // green cage-back playsuit – Alice & You at ASOS Curve // black leather sandals – Dr Martens // floral midi skirt – ASOS Curve // Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl – Nars // black playsuit – Evans // brass monkey earrings – Monki // cage waist belt – ASOS Curve // black jacket – Topshop // white galaxy dress – Lipstick Boutique Plus // Gelly nail varnish in Kiwi – Barry M

pastel princess.

The sun’s come out so I decided to do a super sweet pastel femme babe outfit. I bought this skirt for my upcoming trip to New York as it seemed like an easy breezy thing to waft around the city in, with some sandals and a tucked-in t-shirt. But since it’s lovely weather in London today I took it for a spin.

Also, sorry I look so concerned! I promise I was feeling cheerful at the time.

Jacket : Simply Be
T-shirt : ASOS Curve
 Skirt : ASOS Curve
Shoes : Evans