wedding belle.

My friends’ wedding was looming and I hadn’t planned an outfit. Luckily, the kind folks at Simply Be helped me out with this delightful, dainty blue dress. Quite a few people have said you need to size up but I only heard this after I’d put in my request, so just wore my regular size and I felt it fitted perfectly! I had concerns over how short it was, given I have a big butt and long legs, but figured it was a wedding where I would be among pals, so the occasional knicker-flash would probably be ok.

I felt like it didn’t need much jewellery so just wore it with some small drop earrings and nothing else. The shoes are my new favourite purchase: as you’ve probably noticed, I never wear heels, and have only started wearing them since I discovered New Look’s wide fit size 9 platform / flatform heels, which are now my go-to shoe of choice for formal occasions!

Dress: Simply Be
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Primark

white light.

Here’s a sweet outfit I wore for work and then fat babe hangouts on Friday night. I’m very, very into this white snakeskin-textured blazer, which is outrageously comfortable. I’m concerned that it won’t stay brilliant white for very long, what with my propensity for drinking coffee on the bus and wearing a beat-up grimy backpack to carry my swimming kit in, but I will persevere and try to take good care of it. Part of my femme revival is coming in the form of leopard print, which I’m trying to re-incoporate into my wardrobe. I thought this Peter Pan-collared top was a sweet way to start. I feel like neither of these items are necessarily things I would expect myself to choose, which just goes to show how pleasant it can be when I deviate from my usual fare.

Shoutout to sweet darling Callie for taking my photos on the roof of her flat, and inspiring me to start using my own SLR camera again!

Blazer : Simply Be
Top : Simply Be
Jeans : Simply Be
Sneakers : Superga

blast from the past.

These black denim ASOS Curve dungarees were my fave things I bought last year, so they’re having a comeback. I mostly wore them on Saturday because all my other jeans and trousers were in the wash, but no matter, they ended up being an excellent choice for a friend’s picnic. I’m really enjoying a femme vibe at the moment, so didn’t want to dress the dungarees down too much. I thought this sweet polka dot shirt (also last year’s) and rolling the legs up slightly would have the desired effect.

Shirt : ASOS Curve / similar here
Dungarees : ASOS Curve
Sneakers : Superga

check up on it.

SimplyBe are helping me out with a dress for a wedding in a couple of weekends’ time, and very kindly sent me a few other things to try while we’re at it! First up is this truly excellent drop-waist check dress. I feel like this is not a style usually offered up to fats, and am really glad Simply Be went for it. Not gonna lie: there are surely, by this point, enough skater and wrap dresses marketed at fat women and we probably don’t need any more. This shape is great, and not one I’ve seen from a plus size retailer before. The material is really satisfying: silky but strong, stretchy but not clingy. I love the colour, I love the check, I just really love it. The more self-conscious of you, dear readers, might think (possibly because chub retailers never make them) that this shape is a bad idea for fats, but if you buy the right size so the drop-waist effect is still apparent then this is actually a really sweet, chic, kinda flirty design. I’m sold.

Dress : Simply Be
Brogues : Clarks
Necklace : Tatty Devine

birthday baby.

On Saturday I turned 25. Not content with just one day, I decided to spin the whole affair out for three days, declaring Friday, Saturday and Sunday my ‘birthday weekend’. I only managed to get photos of two outfits, as I neglected to photograph my excellent ‘goth Mama Cass’ look from Saturday night, but here they are!

First up, for dinner, ice cream and drinking with Rob, my favourite.

Cardigan : H&M
Dress : ASOS Curve
Sneakers : Superga, a gift from Cloggs
Bag : Kate Spade

And then this, for my Sunday afternoon/evening spent with most of my best pals (cake was consumed in honour of absent friends). We hung out at my friends’ flat and ate massive amounts of cake. I thought I would dress like I was going to a children’s birthday party and wore my new Collectif sailor dress. The style of the dress is wonderful, if a little long (I’m 5ft9 and would be surprised if it worked on anyone much shorter than me), but I had to have two buttons sewn back on the front during the course of the afternoon by my darling friend Beth, who is handy with a needle and thread. Not ideal!

Dress : Collectif
Sneakers : Superga, via Cloggs

Oh, and they gave me the bumps…