i mean business.

As I was handing over my card to pay for today’s outfit, I looked the sales assistant in the eye and said ‘I think this is going to change everything for me.’ As soon as I saw this jacket and trousers in the promotional material for Curve Fashion Fest, I raced to the New Look site to buy it. But it wasn’t there. I checked every day and it still wasn’t there. I went to Curve Fashion Fest this weekend for work, and… it was there! On the New Look stand. So I bought it.

This is something I’m going to wear a lot. It solves a lot of outfit problems, in that I own a lot of cute tops and now I have a neutral top and bottom canvas to wear them with in a stylish way. I tried it on with a blue shirt from Mat at navabi at Curve Fashion Fest which was also a great look. I’m also in love with it because it looks great with trainers, and I wear trainers pretty much every day in the autumn.


Blazer: New Look Curves
Trousers: New Look Curves
Available in main range here // here]
T-shirt: Joanie
Sneakers: Botas 66

Lips are, as ever NYX Cherry Skies. On my eyes is the Beauty Pie jewel-tone eyeshadow palette.


I know what I like. I like relaxed, non-jean trousers with a top of some description tucked in. That’s my sartorial happy place and it’s what I wear most days. But sometimes I fancy a change, and I see something that captures my imagination. This dress, from the second influencer collaboration with navabi (hey, did you hear? Mine was the first!) is just that. It’s by the gorgeous and lovely Aglae Dreyer who you’ll probably recognise from her modelling work on pretty much every plus size site. And this dress is beautiful. It’s also sold out, which I am very sorry for! But I wanted to show you how lovely this dress is a) in case it comes back in stock if someone returns one and b) because it’s a great advertisement for the rest of the collection, which is in this same blue-and-white, relaxed but cool/pretty vibe. This dress is great because at first glance it’s a standardly pretty blue and white striped dress with some kind of embroidery, but when you look closer… the embroidery is of eyes! I don’t know why this charmed me so much, but it did.

I also have the sports-luxe trousers from this collection which I absolutely adore. Aglae, if I may say so, did a great job on her collection! I’m now wondering if the midi skirt would be a nice end-of-summer-beginning-of-autumn piece…

Dress: Aglae x navabi
Shoes: Evans (old)

And on my lips is the absolute classic, NYX liquid lipstick in Cherry Skies. I wanted to wear something other than my current fave rosy-brown shades but thought a bright red was maybe too obvious with this dress, so Cherry Skies seemed perfect.

dungaree dream.

Hello and welcome to my new crush: these dungarees. I love that Levi’s makes plus size stuff and I’ve enjoyed trying various items from their range. The overwhelming feedback I have and that I’ve gathered from others is that the plus size stuff is great but the sizing is often not. These come up really small! Like, really small! If you want to try them I would definitely size up once or twice, especially if, like me, you have big hips. That said, now I’m wearing them, they feel amazing. Soft and stretchy but strong, and… they look cute as hell.

Dungarees: Levi’s (in recognition of the fact these are v £££, here is an alternative)
Top: Junarose
Sneakers: Superga

I’m also wearing my current lipstick obsession which is the outrageously decadent Hourglass Confession lipstick in If Only. I find this colour is absolutely perfect on me, and the formula is incredible- I often want to take a break from all the super-dry liquid lipsticks I wear BUT don’t want to sacrifice the impact of the colour or go too glossy. Things like Nars Audacious are good but I sometimes find the formula hard to apply accurately, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect solution to come along. I’m pretty sure it’s these. As you can see in the link above, you only need to shell out once for a lipstick in the gold tube, and if you want to try any other colours, you can buy the refill which is £10 less and switch them out. The dream.

colour theory.

It’s July. I have a lot going on in July. First: my collection with navabi! I wanted to create a coherent capsule collection of wearable, everyday statement pieces that will look great together and when worn with neutrals. I’m so happy with how this collection has turned out, and I feel so lucky that I work somewhere that allows me to take part in such amazing projects with such talented people. I worked with my colleagues Janina and Julia in the design team to come up with the range, after creating numerous Pinterest boards to figure out what I wanted the collection to look like…

If you want to read more about the logic and thinking and context behind this collection, I did an interview with Marie Southard Ospina for Bustle, which is actually a great piece and I would recommend you read it here!

Below are some photos of my designs, modelled by yours truly, shot by my boss Dan Barker, who is not a professional photographer, and is in fact a marketing dude, yet somehow manages to make me look really nice in every photo he takes of me while also allowing me to look like my True Self.

But most importantly: you can shop the collection right here!


simple sunday.

There aren’t many things I look in my wardrobe and think ‘wow, I could really do with [insert item here]’, but a black t-shirt dress was one of them. I got paid on Friday and decided it was high time to rectify the shirt dress situation, so I picked up this one from Monki. I got it in an L which is now sold out but I feel like an M might work for smaller plus sizes. Or just do the old classic of adding the size you want to your saved items and watching like a hawk until one comes back in your size.

I love this dress because it’s so easy to wear and I can wear it all year round with different accessories, shoes, makeup, jewellery etc. Yesterday I wore it for lunch in Walthamstow and teamed it with my all-time favourite sandals from Dr Martens (I got them in 2014 and have never found a more useful summer shoe) and my new Tatty Devine name necklace.

Dress: Monki
Sandals: Dr Martens (also in white and tan)

My name necklace is the new pink pearl acrylic from Tatty Devine and I’m already getting so much joy out of it!